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Lofted Bends

A lot of people have asked for examples of sheet metal lofted bends. Many do not realize that SolidWorks has some great lofted bend examples in the Design Library. The Design Library is located in the Task Pane on the right hand side of the SolidWorks screen. On the Design Library tab, expand the Design Library folder. Then, expand the parts folder, and then, the sheetmetal folder. When you click on the lofted bends folder, you will see eight different transition types:

Bulk Materials Chute

Ellipse 2 Round

Hexagon 2 Round

Hood Scoop

Offset Cone

Rectangular to Round

Rectangular 2 Square


Open up the ones that interest you. From the feature sketches you can see how the parts were created and even modify the dimensions to make your own lofted bends. Just remember to use Save As so that you donít save over the original file

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