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The Kitchen Sink - Can you model it?

Alright, this request came from a customer. We spent some time modeling it, we want to see if any else can come up with a better method. The dimensions are not as important as the concept of the part. It is a sink with large radius bends all around and yes they are equal in this case.

The four sides go out at a 30 degree angle, or you could say the bends around the bottom of the part are 60 degrees. The sides then bent again to come up vertical.

The ball corners will be made separately and welded in afterwards.

The original from our customer was modeled as a thin wall shell, but would not convert to a sheet metal part.

The images are to help you understand what we want to model. You can respond here or email your Solidworks file to us at

So the question is “how would you model this sheet metal part?”

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