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Evenly Spaced Holes

A lot of sheet metal parts require holes patterns to be equally spaced. There is a real easy solution to do this. First, I created a simple sketch with points to indicate the center of the holes or any other feature that you need evenly spaced. I set a specific distance from the end of the part that must be maintained.

Your first instinct may be to dimension the centerpoints, as shown below.

But when the part length is changed, the centerpoints are no longer spaced correctly.

Rather than using dimensions, just create three construction lines. I changed the line color and thickness so that you can see that it is not just one centerline, but three separate lines. Then, all you have to do is Ctrl+select your three construction lines and add an [b]Equal[/b] relation.

Now, when the part length is changed, the centerpoints remain evenly spaced.


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