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Bolt Hole Circle Axis: Part 2

What if you don't have a temporary axis to use? One way to deal with this is to create an axis. To do this, create a sketch containing the bolt hole circle. Exit the sketch. Click the Axis button on the "Reference Geometry" toolbar, or pull down the “Insert” menu and pick Reference Geometry - Axis. Select the axis type in the Axis PropertyManager, and then select the required entities for that type. For an example, I used Point and Face/Plane, picking the centerpoint of the sketch circle and the Top plane. A preview should appear showing the axis.

In the Axis PropertyManager, click the green check mark button. If you don’t see the new axis, pull down the “View” menu and pick Axes to display axes. Now, you can use this axis in your Circular Pattern.

Bolt Hole Circle Axis: Part 1

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