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Miter Flange on 3 Sides

The Miter Flange is a great tool to quickly place the same flange geometry on several sides of your part. However, I often hear from users that they have trouble placing the sketch or getting the flanges on the sides they want.

A recent note from one user says he canít get it to place the flange on three sides of his part. It does all four sides with no problem.

This is because the Miter Flange command is what I call unidirectional. Meaning it starts on the edge you select first and at the corner closest to where you selected that edge. It then works its way around the boundary going away from the starting corner. Confused? I was too, so letís look at a picture.

When you select the first edge to place the Miter Flange, SolidWorks creates an origin marker at one of the corners. The Miter Flange will be created on the selected edge, starting at the Origin marker. The next edge which I can select is then the bottom edge, not the top edge.

The third edge would be the right side of the part.

The only time I can select the top edge is when all the other edges are also selected.

So the moral of the story is pay attention to which edge you select first to start the command. Donít start your sketch on the middle of the three edges that you want.



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