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I received a call last week from a customer. He lost his hard drive! A worm or virus messed it up and the IT guy reformatted it. After installing his application, CAD/CAM, and other software, they tried to restore his data files from a backup.

But it was corrupted and hey did not have another backup, not even an older one. There wasnít much I could do for him. I only have the application program, not his data files. I did have one of his databases from a couple years ago when he emailed it to me with a question, but all his job and DNC files are gone.

Typical of many small to medium companies, the CNC programmer saves all of his jobs and DNC files on his own hard drive and they rarely get backed up. Then when you least expect it, something happens, a virus, a stolen computer, anything and the files are gone.

Make certain you are getting your files backed up. Create a folder on the network server and manually copy the files to it everyday if you have to, but get them backed up on a regular basis. I realize that some files must be maintained on your local drive, but even these can be copied elsewhere as a means of backup.

I have a few customers whom I know use an old DOS batch file tied to an icon on their Desktop. All they have to do is click the icon and their files are copied to the network drive which the company backs up every night.

Whatever you do, make certain you donít get caught without a backup of your files.


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