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How to Calculate Bend Allowance

Calculating the correct flat pattern layout is crucial to getting a good quality finished part. Yet, many CAD and CNC programmers have no idea how to calculate the required values for sheet metal fabrication. Years ago, the real experts created ...

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Ductwork Parts: Rectangle (Square) to Round and Cone Transitions

Use these valuable tools to create a DXF file of standard ductwork transitions, including both the 3D and flat pattern on separate layers.

Bending Definitions

Identify and define each area of a sheet metal bend, such as Bend Angle, Bend Compensation, Inside Bend Radius, and Neutral Axis.



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Bend Calculator
Sheet Metal Bend CalculatorYou can use the Bend Calculator to compute the Bend Allowance or Compensation for your different material types and thickness.


Is there a chart of k-factors I can use?

Every now and then I get email asking, “Where can I get a K Factor Chart? Original chart, not someone's calculations.” So I thought it might be a good time to answer it.




How accurate are your CNC programs?
There are some coding methods for canned cycles which lead to inaccurate results. If your post processor outputs canned cycles, take a close look a the output to see if this error is possible.


What k-factor should I use?
Recently I have received a number of comments from our article about bend allowance. They all have one thing in common. “What is the correct k-factor to use?” And the answer is ...


Finding the K-factor in Your Cheat Sheet
Most of the cheat sheets I have seen through the years are of Bend Compensation. These charts can be reversed to find that k-factor ...


Sheet Metal Guy Announces New Industry Directory


Bending Formulas

Under Bending Formulas, you will find the equations to find the Bend Allowance, the Bend Compensation, the Inside Set Back, and the Outside Set Back.


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Think Backups Aren’t Important!
Typical of many companies, the CNC programmer saves all of his jobs and DNC files on his own hard drive and they rarely get backed up. Then when you least expect it, something happens and the files are gone.


Windows Vista - Should I or Shouldn't I?
With the release of the new Windows Vista operating systems, I am getting calls from customers asking if they should upgrade. So here are some notes and references to consider.


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